St Bernard -Gus

by Lesley on January 24, 2015

St. Bernard - Gus

St. Bernard – Gus

I absolutely love this piece.  The angle is interesting and complimentary to the large dog.  Shooting at an upward angle might not always turn out so well, but the moment I saw this I was very excited to get started.   The only thing I left out was the saliva by the bottom lip. The magic of art!  This was one of the larger color pencil/watercolor paint pieces I have done.  The head measures 9″ in length and 7.5″ wide.   It may not sound large, but with the extra open space around the head and with a matte  of several inches, this will be an impressive size once framed.  Gus lives with his owners in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin.   What a handsome guy!



Pitbull Portrait Oil Painting

by Lesley on January 6, 2015

Clonet with Toy

Pitbull Dog with her Toy in Oil

I loved the sensitivity so much of the Pitbull and her toy in my first commissioned piece done in graphite, that I painted another in oil.   I would love to offer the use of this image to rescue groups for the prevention and awareness of dog fights. I think that it illustrates the sweet and soft side of this strong breed, the Pitbull.   A powerful image for a powerful breed.  This portrait is 9″x12″ oil on canvas board.  If you are involved with a group that you think could benefit from this image, please contact me through my website or Facebook.


Clonet With Her Toy

by Lesley on October 30, 2014

Clonet with her hedgehog

Clonet with her toy hedgehog

This graphite piece of a Pitbull illustrated here with her toy hedgehog is 8 1/2″x 11″ on Strathmore paper.   The commission of this piece is from a client who had two pieces done in the past of her beautiful standard poodle, Coco.   Tina wanted to have a gift for Christmas for her friends, Clonet’s owners.  Tina sent several photos for me to choose.  When I saw this close up of Clonet resting with her toy, I knew this was the one to use.  Originally I was just going to do a piece of the dog alone, but realized it was just so lovely with the toy included.  Graphite was a good choice to illustrate the image and really draw the viewer into a simple and sensitive scene.


Glamorous Sadie – Cocker Spaniel

by Lesley on October 17, 2014

Sadie, with the Long Locks

My most recent pastel is of a family member’s Cocker spaniel, Sadie.  My brother and sister-in-law have several Cocker spaniels and a large mixed breed dog, Murphy.   Not too long ago, Sadie was a “carefree single gal” with this mane of long blond locks that reminded all of us of a film star from the past.  Recently Sadie had a litter of puppies, so the long locks that undoubtedly took hours of care,  had to go!!   I have had many friends that have gone through similar transitions!!  This is a pastel on Art Spectrum paper, 11  1/2″x 8  1/2″.


Murf – Small Mixed Breed in Pastel Painting

by Lesley on September 19, 2014



My latest pastel is of a sweet female mixed breed named Murf.  This pastel portrait is from one generous friend to another.  Murf’s owner has already commissioned two portraits from me to give a gifts to loved ones.  She herself is now going to be given a surprise gift of her beloved Murf who recently passed away at 13 years of natural causes.  A little background on Murf is that she wandered onto the property as a puppy 13 years ago and Tracy, her owner,  kept her ever since. The photo of Murf that I used to reference was taken on Tracy’s wedding day.  I think Murf was in the wedding and couldn’t have looked more pleased about it!  I loved the sparkly eyes and happy expression!  Dana, who commissioned the piece,  allowed me to choose the medium used and I felt that the intense color to represent Murf’s happy face was the way to go.  The size is 8″x10″ with out frame.


Argos – Greyhound

August 8, 2014

My most recent oil painting is of this beautiful, stately Greyhound, Argos.  This guy was rescued by Cesar Millan and brought back to the United States.  I met Argos when I was at Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center several years ago.  Argos was timid, but had a lovely personality.  I was able to take a few […]

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Lucy and Sophie -Two Boxer Girls

August 3, 2014

                  These two beautiful girls were lucky to have wonderful owners who were sure the dogs had lots of love and daily walks.  It was on one of these walks that I met Barbara, their owner.  Several years ago, she first had Lucy.  Lucy was a very […]

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Helping Dogs with Art – Lily’s Legacy Donations

July 25, 2014

Lily’s Legacy is a non-profit organization that helps senior large breed dogs find loving homes.   I decided to visit them this week and see their organization first hand.   I was greeted by Alice, the founder, and by 6 large and lovely dogs swirling around my legs all interested in greeting the new person.  I loved […]

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Kami and Kimber – Rottweiler Rescues

July 8, 2014

These two lovely girls were originally rescued from two separate locations.  Kami, on left is currently 10 years old.  She was found (age 3 years old) with several other animals in a home in Idaho where the original owner had passed away.   One of the dogs managed to escape the home and a neighbor realized […]

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Bandit and Star – Pomeranian Heros

July 1, 2014

Both Bandit and Star volunteer their “cuteness” to an organization called Paws As Loving Support.   This is an organization where dogs are visiting facilities to help people in a variety  of ways .    Bandit and Star visit  Sonoma County libraries, schools,  senior centers, hospitals and assisted living homes to help brighten the lives of […]

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