Gracie – Pitbull in Pastel

by Lesley on May 19, 2016



This pastel piece was commissioned to me to be done for Mother’s day.   5 year old Gracie lives with her owner in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She is a much loved dog and has a special place in her owner’s heart.  The reference photo I was working from had two things that stuck out to me.   The first was the very tender, sweet look on Gracie’s face.  I knew I had to accurately portray this in my rendition.  The second thing was Gracie sitting on floral throw rugs.  I liked the pattern on the rugs so much that I decided to do an entire background with the floral pattern.  This piece measures 12″x9″.



I have had several friends and coworkers go online to look at your postings and website.  They are complete amazed at your work.  I am so glad I found you online and you were able to complete such a great piece of artwork.  Everyone has been so kind in their comments.  You truly have been blessed with a wonderful, talented gift and I am thankful to have such a great portion of it to share with everyone.




Charlie – Great Dane Mix Breed

by Lesley on April 10, 2016



Mr. Charlie was done as a birthday gift surprise from a husband to his wife.  The husband happens to be on the board of directors for the Sonoma Humane Society.  I believe this is where he originally found and adopted Charlie.  This is one of my color pencil/watercolor paint pieces, a very popular choice.  Even though Charlie is a black and white dog, there were quite a few colors in his coat.  This made the black interesting and gave the piece depth.


Labradoodle in the Sun – Scout

by Lesley on March 31, 2016



This pastel painting measures 9″x12″.  Scout lives in Seattle with his new owner’s, Chuck and Ann, who happen to be my cousin and his wife.  Scout is several years old and I am unsure why he was rehomed to them from friends of theirs, but no doubt he has a great new home.  I’ve seen a lot of Labradoodles over the years.  He looks a lot more poodle than lab, but a fun looking guy for sure.


Big Boys – St Bernards

by Lesley on March 7, 2016

Bud - St. Bernard

Bud – St. Bernard

St. Bernard - Gus

St. Bernard – Gus

 Two big beautiful St. Bernard Dogs.  They were living together in Wisconsin, the perfect cold weather place for these two.  As an artist, I enjoyed creating the portraits because they both had multiple colors, markings and flowing hair.  I was sad to hear of Bud’s passing.  He will always be remembered with this happy expression when they look at his portrait.  This is the second post with Gus – see the first in my previous entries January 2015
Hi Lesley,

We just wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful portrait of Bud. We are so glad that we had it done and were able to enjoy it while he was still with us. Sadly, Bud passed away recently at 10 years old, so we are so thankful to have such a beautiful memory of him on our wall. Hope all is well with you!! Thanks again.
Alicia and Justin Rake


Mac -The Bearded Collie

by Lesley on January 29, 2016

Mac - Bearded Collie

Mac – Bearded Collie



Mr. Mac and Miss Rosie live in Iowa with their proud owner Marion.  As someone who bred and has shown Bearded Collies for 20 years,  she knows what they look like and the standards of the breed.   Marion really loved my color pencil/watercolor paint pieces and knew this is what she wanted.  High detail  and accuracy were very important.  It is clear to see that although these two dogs are of the same breed, they have very different personalities.  Depicting the unique personalities as well as the unique physical features are very important to me as an artist as well as to the owner!


Love it!!….it gorgeous and you captured Mac exactly!!!!!! …..Thank you so much…..Marion


The Story on Moose

January 3, 2016

Moose is a handsome black lab that was adopted at one of the big animal adoption fairs several years ago.  Still happily living with his owners in San Rafael he is now 4 years old.  One of his owners wanted to have this commission done of Moose with his favorite bunny toy.  This was given […]

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32 MPH

December 15, 2015

Why is this called 32 MPH?   It’s because that was the top speed of Ruby running to catch the little green ball!  Now you might ask, “How do you know that?”.  Well, this is our family dog, and my husband and I thought it would be fun to get a radar detector to track our […]

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Designated Driver

December 3, 2015

This pastel painting is 12″x9″ unframed on black pastel paper .  The two dogs, Canon and Bandit live with the owners that are the proprietors of  Keenan winery in St. Helena, California.  Apparently one of the dogs has been hitting the sauce!!  Thank goodness he has his brother to watch his back!  But, seriously, the […]

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Blanca in the Garden

September 21, 2015

This pastel scene measures 9″x12″ before framed.  It is a lovely relaxed pose of my pastel instructor’s dog sitting in his garden.   In the original photo she was sitting in front of a wire fence.  The fence certainly didn’t add anything to the scene so out it went!   I love being able to […]

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Pitbull Sammy at the Lake

July 27, 2015

This 14×11 graphite piece of Sammy was a 25 year wedding anniversary gift from a husband to his wife this year.  The idea  came to him a week before their special event.   Even if I have short notice as in this case,  I was able to first provide the client with a beautiful portrait gift […]

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