Bergin University Dog – Erma – English Golden

by Lesley on January 4, 2017

Erma in Graphite

Erma in Graphite

Erma’s life was a service dog’s life. Originally she was breed at the Bergin Canine University for a life helping someone in need.  Now retired at 12 years old she is with a loving family.  The husband wanted to surprise his wife with a portrait of Erma so he set the wheels in motion!  This was done as a Christmas gift to his wife. The portrait was done in graphite.  I love all the curly cues in her ears!

Below is his comment following the gift giving…

Hi Lesley,

She LOVED it!  It brought tears, always a good sign.

We have it hanging in a prominent spot where we can always see it. Great job Lesley. It was also good meeting you and your two dogs.

Happy New Year



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