by Lesley on December 28, 2016

New Safety Activity

New Safety Activity

Since we are all dog lovers here I wanted to share a new product that I have recently put on the market.  As a dog trainer I have seen the results of dog bites to children and hear the stories of how these bites happened.  Most of the time the bites may have been avoided with a little advanced information to both the adults with the dog and the children themselves.   Having been an elementary school teacher for many years I saw the value of having learning materials that were hands on for children.  Allowing the children to interact with the learning activity helped the child stay engaged in the learning process.  The product called “Stop, Look and Paws” is a sticker sorting activity.  Children look at images of dogs and decide if the dog may be safe to pet or not safe to pet and place it on the corresponding side of an activity board.  As they make their decision of where to place the sticker on the board parents are instructed to ask “why did you make that decision?” Giving the children a chance to share their thoughts is so valuable because they may or may not be understanding the dog’s body language giving you a chance to give feedback before a real life situation would present itself.  The dog sticker guide is included to give adults background on each sticker to help with the decision making process.  Since the stickers are re-useable they can move them to a new location if they change their mind.   If you are interested in owning your own “Stop, Look and Paws”  activity go to   


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