Portrait to Cesar Millan

by Lesley on October 19, 2016

Cesar and Me

Cesar and Me

Saturday, October 15, 2016 was the Bay Area Pet Fair held in Marin, California.  I was working that day at the Dairydell Canine booth and Cesar also was working at the fair promoting a new show coming up next year and doing some demonstration training with dogs in the audience. This was just too convenient of an opportunity not to deliver the painting.  I was invited into the trailer that he travels in across the country to do appearances.   His fiance, Jahira was also there as well as Todd his producer for Cesar 911.  We chatted about Coco, the chihuahua and the painting itself.  I also presented him with a copy of my new product, Stop Look and Paws- Child Safety Learning Activity.  The painting is a 16″x20″ on stretched cotton canvas.

A little background on the dog.  Coco is his son Calvins’s dog.  Coco is 14 years old and has been in Cesar’s family since he was a puppy.  I originally met Coco at the workshop I took at Cesar’s Dog Psychology Center back in 2011.  This is where I took the photo as a reference for painting.  The painting is a 16″x20″ on stretched cotton canvas.  He was super pleased as well as Jahira.  Calvin wasn’t present but I’m sure Cesar will have fun surprising him!

Coco- Oil Painting - 16"x20"

Coco- Oil Painting – 16″x20″


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