Gracie – Pitbull in Pastel

by Lesley on May 19, 2016



This pastel piece was commissioned to me to be done for Mother’s day.   5 year old Gracie lives with her owner in Shreveport, Louisiana.  She is a much loved dog and has a special place in her owner’s heart.  The reference photo I was working from had two things that stuck out to me.   The first was the very tender, sweet look on Gracie’s face.  I knew I had to accurately portray this in my rendition.  The second thing was Gracie sitting on floral throw rugs.  I liked the pattern on the rugs so much that I decided to do an entire background with the floral pattern.  This piece measures 12″x9″.



I have had several friends and coworkers go online to look at your postings and website.  They are complete amazed at your work.  I am so glad I found you online and you were able to complete such a great piece of artwork.  Everyone has been so kind in their comments.  You truly have been blessed with a wonderful, talented gift and I am thankful to have such a great portion of it to share with everyone.



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