I’ve always had two consistent loves in my life:  dogs and art! From the time I was born in Wisconsin, there were always dogs in our home – anywhere from one to three dogs at a time! I learned early on that dogs are great companions and I developed a deep appreciation of and fascination with their unique beauty.  I think I’ve always seen the world through the eye of an artist, although I didn’t quite know it then.

When I was about thirteen, I wanted to give a special gift to my mother (also a dog lover).  I decided to draw every dog my family had ever had…past and present!  A big undertaking for such a little girl – but I was up for it and I drew on. They were just little 5×7 graphite drawings on ivory colored paper, all framed in black, but they still hang on the stairway wall in my childhood home. (read more about Lesley)